SDC Saddleworld Nowra Regional Dressage Championships 2015

Supreme Champion was Tempe Lees' Ego Oliver

Supreme Champion was Tempe Lees’ Ego Oliver

Shoalhaven Dressage Club’s Championships were a great success, and I don’t just say this because I had the good luck to ride Tempe Lees’ super little pony Ego Oliver who took out the Roseval Angus Champion Pony, highest percentage and Saddleworld Nowra Supreme Champion. They were a success because so many people pitched in to help, not only on the day but also setting up the day before. People not only helped, they did it with humour and grace, so the whole day, though hectic, was great fun.

Inscape Farmhouse Prep Champion was Emma O’Sullivan riding San Francisco FF, a young horse that will in the future be ridden by her daughter Jessica. Meanwhile Jessica Gacki-O’Sullivan showed that she is already a great rider by taking out the Shoalhaven Council Junior Championship and the Neversfelde Official Prelim Champion with Wesswood Boyfriend. The junior riders continued to show they are a force to be reckoned with, Charlotte Phillips won the Go Steel Official Novice Champion on Rose Gum Goldrush and Angus Fripp was reserve on Foxwood Remy. In the Boab Boats Restricted Novice it was the return of a familiar face, Allison Dillon rode in her first competition in 4 years to win the Restricted Novice Championship.

Robyn Targa followed up some good form in the Nationals to win the Graeme Swan Memorial Elementary Champion. In the FEI levels KimMcDonald performed some great tests to win the Dressage NSW Small Tour Champion, whilst Pamela Bice showed great form on her pony Rosthwaite Tinkerbell to win the Bishops South Nowra Big Tour Champion.

The beautiful leather bag with an original horse themed artwork on the side created by talented local artist Catherin McMillan was won by Elizabeth Sonter

We really have to thank all of our Championship sponsors, without them we would not be able to offer such great rugs as prizes and prize money for so many classes. Also to our other sponsors, Maxine Fripp, Ros Quist and Tibby Barbour, they don’t sponsor championship levels but every sponsorship is valuable. Please support our sponsors and take the time to thank them next time you use their business.

Major Sponsors Saddleworld Nowra and Jen Ahling

Major Sponsors Saddleworld Nowra and Jen Ahling

Leukaemia Foundation Charity Day

The wicked witch of Worrigee, AKA Jodie Spresser

The wicked witch of Worrigee, AKA Jodie Spresser

Well the rain certainly kept many away, but a few true champions braved the weather and were rewarded with a great fun day at Worrigee Common for our Easter in September Charity Day. All of the proceeds of the day will go to the Australian Leukaemia Foundation in memory of our friend Graeme Swan.

Jim Collin and Neversfelde Kipling

Jim Collin and Neversfelde Kipling

It ended up being a great opportunity for some riders to bring out their young horses for a relatively quiet competition. It was a cool, drizzly start but then the weather cleared and most riders stayed dry.


Chip Swan

Winner of the fancy dress was Jodie Spresser who stayed in character as the wicked witch of Worrigee, despite a clothing malfunction prior to one test.

Jodie and most competitors enjoyed the easter egg prizes and the fantastic gift boxes donated by Booths Pharmacy. Many thanks also to Slice of Life who donated wraps and rolls for sale for lunch, Jane Bruce who donated the sale of horsey items, and Worrigee Common who donated the use of the grounds for the day.

As soon as we finalise the proceeds of our charity day we will let you know what our final donation to the Australian Leukaemia Foundation, will be.



SDC Group Rides

Dear Members – Sometimes it’s not the work in the arena that is the scariest thing about going to a dressage competition – it’s the stuff that happens before that – in the dreaded warm up arena.

The practice day before our last competition was wonderful for inexperienced horses and riders to get their bearings and feel a little bit more confident in approaching the comp the next day.

We’d like to install a regular group riding day a couple of times a month to keep this great experience going and give our horses and riders the best opportunity to excel.  We’d like to add to the opportunities for people to ride together.

What:    SDC Group Rides

Where:  Worrigee Equestrian Common

When:   10 am to 12 pm weather permitting – watch the website for updates. (not FB, as lots of people don’t use it)

Cost:      Not a formal SDC day but a $5 donation to the club would be appreciated

Who:     Anyone!

The Plan:             to bring your horse for a lunge and/or a ride around – or even just to come out and take a look and be lead around – no step is too small.  No arenas will be set up – there will be plenty of room – and flat work can be done on one big circle, walk in groups, chat, relax etc. change direction.

And then:             If all went well, bring a thermos and hay bag, for a celebratory coffee and relax.

Toilets:                 There are toilets that will be open at the far end of the sand arena – but the club house will not be open.

Eventually we’d like to bring in a few “hazards” like flower pots, umbrellas, chairs with ribbons – but that’s after a while.  Eventually too, there may even be opportunity to have some displays or talks like the riveting “why do people lunge?” or “does my gear fit”, and “what happens in a saddle fit?”


Updates regarding confirmation of days, weather changes, or cancellations will be put on the

Club Webpage:  click the link below:


6/7th June SDC Training & Competition day

CharlotteShoalhaven Dressage Club June 6th Training day and June 7th 2015 competition

As the winter chill set in, Shoalhaven Dressage Club held a Training / Competition weekend at their home grounds at the Worrigee Equestrian Common. With rain and wind in the days around, the weekend was blessed by sunshine & clear blue skies. Saturday was a training day attended by riders & horses new to dressage. Riders were able to ride through dressage tests and receive invaluable feedback from judges on how to improve their scores for their next competition. Young horses were also able to be familiarised with the sights and sounds of a dressage competition.

Sundays competition was well attended given the wintery weather with classes held from Prepartory level through to Medium. Outstanding scores for the day went to Joanne Simon with 70.26% & Rachael Heron with 71.5% in the Prep. Many of the riders in attendance were juniors getting in practice before the upcoming June State Interschools competition & the July State Young Riders competition. Congratualtions to Juniors Rachel Heron winning both her Prep tests, Geri Wheeler winning both her Novice classes, Zoe Hutchinson & Jessica Steward. Angus Fripp & Charlotte Phillips both juniors who competed in open classes also achieved wins in good company. We wish the SDC Junior members all the best for their upcoming finals.

Thank you to the judges Ros Quist, Mim Poolman & Sharyn Pronay for your attendance & making the day possible. A fantastic day had by all, thank you to all the volunteers and committee for their hard work, as well as the horses and riders for coming along. SDCs next event is July the 26th.

Competition April 19th 2015


Pat Bleuel and Clyros Guinevere

It was only the truly hardy souls who showed up for the Shoalhaven Dressage Club’s April competition. Predictions of rain, wind and a cold change put off many and scratchings were high.  However the grounds held up and despite one heavy shower in the morning the day was mostly dry.

The cold change did however seem to add a sense of excitement to many horses, with some showing wonderful ‘airs above the ground’. Unfortunately none of the tests required these movements so scores were not extremely high overall.

High score of the day went to Emma Tinslay on Comet winning the Prelim 1.1 Pony with 71.136%. The only other rider to score over 70% was Joanne Simon on her new horse Nova in the Prep A.  Newcomer rider Georgia Williamson rode beautifully in the official pony Preliminary tests to win both, notably scoring 69% in the Preliminary 1.1.  Last year’s junior club champion Geri Ann Wheeler showed she is still in form to win both of the junior novice tests.

Kim McDonald continues to dominate the higher level tests with her two horses Reveller and Warburton Regatta. Kim won the Advanced 5.5, Prix St George and the Inter1.

The next outing for many Shoalhaven Dressage Club members is to one of the feature events of the dressage calendar, the Sydney CDI. A group of members will be travelling up to see Australia’s best dressage riders compete. Three of our members have qualified to compete in this prestigious event. Alycia Targa has three horses entered, CP Dresden in the Advanced and Prix St George and Bellissimo Spring Hit and Neversfelde Kenya in the Young Horse competition. Pam Bice has Rosthwaite Tinkerbell in the Inter A and Inter B, and Jim Collin has Southerly in the Prix St George and Inter 1. We wish them all luck.

Our next competition is on the 7th of June, preceded by a training day on the 6th.

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Jeff Adams and Weejazzper

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Madeleine Phillips and Swanreach Gold Charm

March 1st SDC Dressage Day

Shoalhaven Dressage Club March 1st 2015 competition

Pamela Bice on Wally

Pamela Bice on Wally

Angus Fripp & Foxwood RemyDanielle Fredericks and BHM Silver JaguarFiona Cox & Yondella CharityVictoria Davies-Koch & Andaluka ElegidoAs the weather cools down, the dressage competition season heats up! Shoalhaven Dressage Club based at the Worrigee Equestrian Common hosted its first competition for the year. The event was very well attended by local dressage devotees & their lovely horses, with large classes and some big scores achieved by the winners of the classes. 82 tests in total were ridden & Ann Behringer rode a beautiful test to achieve the highest score of the day, a massive 82.7% in the Preliminary 1.1.

The day was well attended by Junior riders with Geri Wheeler taking out 3 for 3 tests in the Junior Preliminary and Novice, with scores up to 72.7%. Angus Fripp and Foxwood Remy another Junior took out the closed restricted 1.2 with 68%.

James Collin and the lovely young horse Arnage Reflection achieved a 75%, putting them in good steed for their upcoming May CDI State level competition for young horses for which they have qualified. Member Victoria Davies-Koch also had a successful event as well with her Andalusian Stallions. We wish Victoria great success as she prepares to leave for Portugal this month to represent Australia in the CPEDI 3* event in Vilamoura.

Thank you to the judges Carolyn Lieutenant, Cathy Chittenden, Ros Quist and Kay Dahlberg for your attendance & making the day possible. The day wrapped up very suddenly with the 90% humidity cumulating in a storm at 2pm. The final riders braved thunder, lightening and torrential rain. A fantastic day had by all, thank you to all the volunteers and committee for their hard work, as well as the horses and riders for coming along. SDCs next event is the 19th of April.