Leukaemia Foundation Charity Day

The wicked witch of Worrigee, AKA Jodie Spresser

The wicked witch of Worrigee, AKA Jodie Spresser

Well the rain certainly kept many away, but a few true champions braved the weather and were rewarded with a great fun day at Worrigee Common for our Easter in September Charity Day. All of the proceeds of the day will go to the Australian Leukaemia Foundation in memory of our friend Graeme Swan.

Jim Collin and Neversfelde Kipling

Jim Collin and Neversfelde Kipling

It ended up being a great opportunity for some riders to bring out their young horses for a relatively quiet competition. It was a cool, drizzly start but then the weather cleared and most riders stayed dry.


Chip Swan

Winner of the fancy dress was Jodie Spresser who stayed in character as the wicked witch of Worrigee, despite a clothing malfunction prior to one test.

Jodie and most competitors enjoyed the easter egg prizes and the fantastic gift boxes donated by Booths Pharmacy. Many thanks also to Slice of Life who donated wraps and rolls for sale for lunch, Jane Bruce who donated the sale of horsey items, and Worrigee Common who donated the use of the grounds for the day.

As soon as we finalise the proceeds of our charity day we will let you know what our final donation to the Australian Leukaemia Foundation, will be.



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