NSW State Championships September 2013


The Shoalhaven Dressage Club was well represented at the recent NSW State Championships held at SIEC.

Sue Rayner and Lotus Park Vincent Van Gogh came 10th in the 1C with 66.7% and 22nd in the 1D with 63.18%. A great result for their first ever State Championships.

  52501Gill Rickard is not a club member but a prominent local vet and rider. She rode Grandioso to place 8th in the 4B with 68.47% and 13th in the 4C with 66.69%


1236670_10151841106925673_656728940_nI rode Solletico to place 6th in the Grand Prix with 61.8% and 5th in the Grand Prix Freestyle with 65.45%




In the pony tests we had quite a few representatives in the Preliminary. Carolyn Heron and Nawarrah Park Puff N Stuff placed 17th in the 1C with 60.23% and 19th in the 1D with 57.73% Jayne Unterweger rode Greenwood Wilona to 10th in the 1C with 63.18% and 5th in the 1D with 66.7%. Elizabeth Sugar rode Evergreen Annabelle to 20th in the 1C with 56.36% and 18th in the 1D with 58.3%


75908_10151889952388767_990015280_nAlycia Targa was the star for the South Coast. She won the 2013 Novice Championship on CP Dresden. They came 3rd in the 2C with 74.38% and 1st in the 2D with 70.71%. Alycia and Dresden also competed in the Elementary, coming 9th in the 3C with 68.25% and 6th in the 3D with 70%. This combination is certainly one to watch for the future.




Jim Collin rode Southerly in both the Advanced and Medium competitions. They placed 10th in the 4B with 68.33%, 8th in the 4C with 68.06%, 11th in the 5B with 64.15% and 9th in the 5C with 64.67%. It was good to see them out competing again after a very disrupted year with ill health for both of them.

Leigh Richardson had some fun and games with Quarryview Hercules showing that sometimes horses will be horses. They came 30th in both the 2C and the 2D.

In the Paraequestrian events Victoria Davis and Andaluka Elegido also had some issues in their first test, scoring 54.95%, however they got their act together over the next 2 days, scoring 65.19% in their second test and 65.67% in the freestyle. Victoria won all of her tests.

Well done to all the Shoalhaven Competitors and good luck at the Club Championships on the 28th and 29th of this month.

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