SDC Group Rides

Dear Members – Sometimes it’s not the work in the arena that is the scariest thing about going to a dressage competition – it’s the stuff that happens before that – in the dreaded warm up arena.

The practice day before our last competition was wonderful for inexperienced horses and riders to get their bearings and feel a little bit more confident in approaching the comp the next day.

We’d like to install a regular group riding day a couple of times a month to keep this great experience going and give our horses and riders the best opportunity to excel.  We’d like to add to the opportunities for people to ride together.

What:    SDC Group Rides

Where:  Worrigee Equestrian Common

When:   10 am to 12 pm weather permitting – watch the website for updates. (not FB, as lots of people don’t use it)

Cost:      Not a formal SDC day but a $5 donation to the club would be appreciated

Who:     Anyone!

The Plan:             to bring your horse for a lunge and/or a ride around – or even just to come out and take a look and be lead around – no step is too small.  No arenas will be set up – there will be plenty of room – and flat work can be done on one big circle, walk in groups, chat, relax etc. change direction.

And then:             If all went well, bring a thermos and hay bag, for a celebratory coffee and relax.

Toilets:                 There are toilets that will be open at the far end of the sand arena – but the club house will not be open.

Eventually we’d like to bring in a few “hazards” like flower pots, umbrellas, chairs with ribbons – but that’s after a while.  Eventually too, there may even be opportunity to have some displays or talks like the riveting “why do people lunge?” or “does my gear fit”, and “what happens in a saddle fit?”


Updates regarding confirmation of days, weather changes, or cancellations will be put on the

Club Webpage:  click the link below: