Pointscore 2013

The 2013 Pointscore winners were

Prep Champion – Shelley Rinaldi and Boston

Reserve- Dawn Spicer and Misty Mountain Wovoka

Preliminary Champion- Jim Collin and Dadirri Songline

Reserve- Sue Rayner and LP Vincent Van Gogh

Novice Champion- Cathy Chittenden and Neversfelde Springbok

Reserve- Ann Berhinger and Rosehill Rhythm

Elementary Champion- Tibby Barbour and Dancing Angelina Ballerina

Reserve- Jeff Adams and Weejazzper

Medium Champion- Kim McDonald and Warburton Regatta

Reserve- Alycia and Robyn Targa and JBCalliope

Advanced Champion- Kim McDonald and Reveller

Reserve- Gill Rickard and Grandioso

Small Tour Champion- Roz Quist and Valhalla Flemmingh

Reserve- Robyn Targa and Northern Rinaldo

Junior Champion- Jess Steward and HP Willow

Reserve-Lucy Williams and IG Lonely Knight

Pony Champion- Carolyn Heron and NP Puff N Stuff

Reserve- Carolyn Heron and LV X Factor

Male Rider-Jim Collin

Veteran Horse-Toby ridden by Angus Fripp

Young Rider- Brittany Shipton and Mr Tintagic

Volunteer of the Year-Adele Palmer, gear steward extraordinaire

Mature Lady Rider of the year- the amazing Roz Quist- an inspiration to us all

Strapper of the year- the ever patient Rod Targa

Well done to all prize winners

2013 Masterclass and Presentation Day

On Saturday the 7th of December Shoalhaven Dressage Club held their annual presentation of awards to the best performed club members for the year. In the past we have held a night time dinner, but increasingly instead of this being an opportunity for club members to get together and socialise, only a dedicated few and the actual award winners showed up. This year we decided to try something new and held a Masterclass with Roger Fitzhardinge, followed by a spit roast lunch and then a presentation of awards. Participants in the masterclass were all winners in our annual pointscore, from juniors to Small Tour. They got to strut their stuff in front of an appreciative audience, and we all learnt heaps from Roger’s informative and entertaining presentation. Many thanks must go to Maxine Fripp for allowing us to use her beautiful property and indoor arena. For once it didn’t pour rain as it often seems to do when we gather at Maxine’s.

The day started with 2 junior riders, Jessica Steward and Rachel Heron. Rachel on a tiny cute pony and Jess on a huge Clydesdale cross. Both horse worked beautifully for their riders as Roger explained that whilst not all horses are potential Olympians, they can all be improved with correct training. Roger focussed on getting the girls to concentrate on their leg aids, no constant nagging with their legs but taking their leg off and only using it when they wanted a forward response, and then the response had to be quick. It was lovely to see 2 beautiful calm horses being so well ridden by 2 young riders.

Next on were the ponies Carolyn Heron riding Puff N Stuff and Angus Fripp and Toby, standing in for Jayne Unterweger who unfortunately was called in to work and could not attend. Angus amazed everyone with the transformation he has made with Toby, once he was a fat hairy pony who was never anywhere near engaged. Now Angus has him looking sleek, fit and perfectly on the bit at all times. Toby is a real credit to Angus’s development as a rider. Carolyn’s pony can be a little spooky, so Roger had her riding him really forward and up to counteract this. Puff N Stuff likes to look down at anything scary so Roger had Carolyn keeping him up to counteract this. He is certainly a very impressive mover.

Next on were Sue Rayner on Vincent Van Gogh and Jim Collin on Dadirri Songline. Sue’s Vinnie is a huge 18hh and a big moving horse. However Roger though he could do more and had Sue really motoring around the arena. Wow this horse can move! Roger loved Jim’s horse Songline who won the club Horse of the Year, but thought he could improve in his contact with the bit. Songline tends to play with the bit, so Roger had Jim keep his hands quite still and once again go forward to try and improve this. Forward riding helps so many things.

Our Elementary riders were Tibby Barbour and Alycia Targa. Alycia was riding the State Novice Champion CP Dresden and they beautifully demonstrated how correct training can really improve a horse. Dresden was in beautiful self carriage and moved with great energy and engagement. Roger even had them showing a few steps of baby piaffe. This combination will surely go far. Tibby’s mare Dancing Angleina Ballerina, was another talented moving horse but a little trickier in the contact. Angelina tends to raise her head when spooking so Roger had Tibby riding her very deep and only bringing her up when confident in the contact.

Angus was back again for the Medium/Advanced session with Kim McDonald and Warburton Regatta. Angus was to ride the club’s Advanced champion Reveller but a last minute change saw him riding his grandmother’s mare Honey, and he rode her very well. Maxine may have to watch out or she may find herself riding Toby whilst Angus waltzes off on Honey. Roger focussed Angus on riding as accurately as possible which meant Angus had to be more positive in his riding. The end picture was very impressive. Kim worked initially on getting Regatta really  equal in both reins then finished off by showing some world class medium trots. Full of power and engagement, Regatta’s lengthened trots amazed everyone.

Last session of the day saw Roz Quist on Valhalla Flemmingh and Jim Collin on Southerly. Roz’s horse was showing signs of wanting to play up if pressured too much so Roger was quick to encourage Roz to take off the pressure by rising to the trot or asking for an easier exercise so they could keep the forward impulsion. Flemmingh soon relaxed and showed some lovely advanced work. Southerly is only new to Prix St George but shows lots of talent for the higher levels and showed some lovely transitions into and out of passage. Roger was again looking for quick reactions to the aids and forward, ever forward.

It was a great day, many thanks to Roger Fitzhardinge for an informative and entertaining presentation and thanks to all the riders who presented themselves so beautifully and bravely let us join them in what Roger called a “truthful” training session.



Competition 1st December 2013


Roger Fitzhardinge and Amerigo

Shoalhaven Dressage Club held their last competition for the year on Sunday the 1st of December. Recent rain ensured the grounds not only looked fantastic, they also were great to ride on. The only negative for the day was that the flies were out in force so everyone had to follow the main rule of summer horse riding; always ride with your mouth shut. Nothing worse than swallowing a fly as you canter along.

High score of the day went to Jim Collin riding Dadirri Songline who won both of the CR Preliminary tests. Jim scored 75.25% in the 1A and 74.0% in the 1B.  Jessica Steward also had a very successful day winning both of the Junior Preliminary tests, 73% in the 1A and 70.4% in the 1B.

Another notable winner on the day was the newly crowned State Novice level Champion Alycia Targa and CP Dresden. They stepped up to Medium level for the first time to win both of their tests with impressive scores of 69% in both the 4A and 4B.

Popular dressage coach and personality Roger Fitzhardinge travelled down from Sydney to win both of the Advanced tests, scoring 67% in the 5A and 68% in the 5B. This was Roger’s first attempt at Advanced level on this horse and he was delighted with Amerigo, a horse he has great hopes for in the future. Roger shall be presenting Shoalhaven Dressage Club’s Masterclass on Saturday the 7th of December. This masterclass will feature leading club riders from each level as they are trained by Roger. This should be a fascinating insight into training dressage horses of all levels. It will be followed by the club’s annual presentations and smorgasbord lunch. E-mail Club President Gayle Loose for details on sdcinc@shoal.net.au.