Australian Youth Dressage Championships

Angus Fripp and Foxwood Remy

Angus Fripp and Foxwood Remy

Talented young Shoalhaven Dressage rider, Angus Fripp, competed with great success at the recent Australian Youth Dressage Championships held at SIEC on the 1st to 3rd of July.

Angus Fripp and Foxwood Remy

Angus Fripp and Foxwood Remy

Angus won the Novice 2.2 with a great score of 70.571% and placed 7th in the 2.3 with 67.207% to end up 3rd overall. Angus and Remy also competed in the Elementary with good scores. Angus was a member of the NSW A team.

Congratulation Angus, all members of the Shoalhaven Dressage Club are proud of you.

SDC masterclass and presentation 2014

IMG_8937 SandraScopySaturday the 6th of December saw Shoalhaven Dressage Club back at one of our favourite venues, Maxine Fripp’s beautiful indoor arena, for our annual pointscore winners masterclass and presentation of annual awards.

After a week of rain and with storms wreaking havoc all over the region things were not looking good Saturday morning. I drove thru rain so heavy I had to slow to a crawl on the Princes Highway. However the weather at Maxine’s was beautiful and clear. The spit roast man set up and cooked his roasts undisturbed and we could hear all of Roger Fitzhardinge’s words of wisdom without effort.

There were a few last minute reschedules as some riders decided the risk of storms was too great to risk the trip. However all who did attend really enjoyed their lessons. First up was our junior rider of the year, Geri Ann Wheeler riding her pony Glengannon Artorious. Roger worked on Geri keeping her pony really round thru all transitions and really responding to a quieter leg. Geri is certainly a promising rider for the future. Another talented young rider is Angus Fripp riding his new horse Foxwood Remi. Roger again worked with Angus on getting his horse to react instantly to the leg and then having a much quieter leg. Not nagging the horse constantly. Remi and Angus will really be a formidable combination for the future.

\Tibby Barbour is a well known local instructor and she forms a great combination with her sensitive mare. Together with Dancing Angelina Ballerina, Tibby won Medium HOTY. Once ‘Angie’ settled down she showed some fantastic trot extensions and half passes. Roger worked on roundness again to really make the mare use her back.

The next combinations were Fiona Cox riding a lovely big chestnut she had in training, and George Sheridan riding Tonia Gray’s Novice HOTY Dadirri Songline. These 2 horses had opposite problems. Roger worked on Fiona getting her horse more reactive to the leg, whilst George had to work on establishing a better contact and remaining calm and less explosive. Both were lovely looking and moving horses who looked even better after their workout with Roger.

Kim McDonald had a busy day riding her Advanced HOTY Warburton Regatta then her Small tour HOTY Reveller one after the other. Once Regatta settled he showed that he is really ready to progress to the small tour level next year, and Reveller showed that the Big Tour is not far away with an very impressive string of 1 tempe changes and promising piaffe and passage work.

Last but definitely not least was Pam Bice on her Grand Prix pony mare Rosthwaite Tinkerbell. Roger worked again on roundness and forward and really had this little mare firing.

After a delicious lunch it was presentation time. Congratulations to the following horses and riders.

Prep HOTY Sandra Steward /Curly

Reserve Melinda Norton /Galaxy

Preliminary HOTY Robyn Targa /Furst Fling

Reserve Dawn Spicer /Misty Mountain Wovoka

Novice HOTY Jim Collin /Dadirri Songline

Reserve Flick Mulligan/ Nikshar Nomination

Elementary HOTY Barb Vial/ Waverly Frederick

Reserve Jen Symes/ Aussie Hit


Medium HOTY Tibby Barbour/Dancing Angelina Ballerina

Reserve Alycia Targa/ JB Calliope

Advanced HOTY Kim McDonald/ Warburton Regatta

Reserve Ros Quist /Valhalla Flemmingh

Small Tour HOTY Kim McDonald/Reveller

Reserve Kim McDonald/ Warburton Regatta

Big Tour HOTY Pam Bice /Rosthwaite Tinkerbell

Junior HOTY Geri Ann Wheeler/Glengannon Artorious

Reserve Rachel Heron/Rose Eden Scout

Pony Hoty Tracy Stead/Evergreen Hullabaloo

Reserve Carolyn Heron/NP Puff N Stuff

Male Rider of the Year Jim Collin

 Veteran Horse of the year Flick Mulligan Nikshar Nomination

 Volunteer of the year Lisa Neaves

 Most Improved Sandra Steward

 Most consistent Junior Rachel Heron

 Horse and Rider of the Year Robyn Targa/ Furst Fling

IMG_8938 IMG_8940 IMG_8941 IMG_8942 IMG_8943 IMG_8944 IMG_8946 IMG_8948 IMG_8950 IMG_8952 IMG_8953 IMG_8954 IMG_8955 IMG_8956 IMG_8957

CDI 2014

Jim Collin and Southerly

Jim Collin and Southerly

Jim Collin and Southerly

Jim Collin and Southerly

Jim Collin and Tempe Lees

Jim Collin and Tempe Lees

Well done to Jim Collin, riding his and Tempe Lees’ Southerly in the Jilli Cobcroft Prix St George at the Sydney CDI 2014. They placed 11th with a great score of 65.24%.


Pointscore 2013

The 2013 Pointscore winners were

Prep Champion – Shelley Rinaldi and Boston

Reserve- Dawn Spicer and Misty Mountain Wovoka

Preliminary Champion- Jim Collin and Dadirri Songline

Reserve- Sue Rayner and LP Vincent Van Gogh

Novice Champion- Cathy Chittenden and Neversfelde Springbok

Reserve- Ann Berhinger and Rosehill Rhythm

Elementary Champion- Tibby Barbour and Dancing Angelina Ballerina

Reserve- Jeff Adams and Weejazzper

Medium Champion- Kim McDonald and Warburton Regatta

Reserve- Alycia and Robyn Targa and JBCalliope

Advanced Champion- Kim McDonald and Reveller

Reserve- Gill Rickard and Grandioso

Small Tour Champion- Roz Quist and Valhalla Flemmingh

Reserve- Robyn Targa and Northern Rinaldo

Junior Champion- Jess Steward and HP Willow

Reserve-Lucy Williams and IG Lonely Knight

Pony Champion- Carolyn Heron and NP Puff N Stuff

Reserve- Carolyn Heron and LV X Factor

Male Rider-Jim Collin

Veteran Horse-Toby ridden by Angus Fripp

Young Rider- Brittany Shipton and Mr Tintagic

Volunteer of the Year-Adele Palmer, gear steward extraordinaire

Mature Lady Rider of the year- the amazing Roz Quist- an inspiration to us all

Strapper of the year- the ever patient Rod Targa

Well done to all prize winners

Andalusion Horse Association of Australia Competition August 24th 2013

Shoalhaven Dressage Club member and  paraequestrian Victoria Davies competed last weekend at the Andalusion Horse Association of Australia open dressage day at SIEC. Victoria certainly took home a float load of prizes. Together with Eddy (Andaluka Elegido) Victoria won Champion Para Grade 11, Grand Champion Para Grade 11 and AHAA Champion Para Rider.

Come up to the NSW State Dressage Championships next weekend to see Victoria and other Shoalhaven Dressage Club riders compete.Victoria7 Victoria6 Victoria5 Victoria4 Victoria3 Victoria2 Victoria1 Victoria untitled

Solletico at the CDI



I recently competed Solletico at his first CDI at Grand Prix level. He went really well, qualifying in 14th place in the Grand Prix for the Special. He then came tenth in the Special and won his first big tour CDI ribbon.Solly felt really comfortable with all the Grand Prix movements, now we are working on adding a bit more power to his performance whilst hopefully keeping his calmness. I’ll keep you posted.


Caroline Morley’s Mare is mother of Pony Champion of Champions



Caroline Morley riding Cheeky Whisper

Shoalhaven Dressage Club member Caroline Morley celebrated last month when her mare’s son was crowned the pony Champion of Champions at Dressage with the Stars Young Horse Championship in Melbourne.

Caroline purchased the morgan mare Cheeky Whisper last year. Her son, Double S Dark Sun, by Alessandro, owned and ridden by Helen Shanal won the 6 year old Young Horse Champion then went on to be named Champion of Champions. Dark Sun is a 14.1hh stallion born in 2007.

Double S Dark Sun

Double S Dark Sun

Well done Caroline!

Kaleena Matthews has a new horse

We may not see Kaleena out competing on her new horse for a few years. This is because Neversfelde Suri is only 3 months old.

Suri is by Royal Hit out of a full sister to Neversfelde Springbok (Sir Donnerhall/ Harvest Madagascar)

She is certainly a beautiful young filly and we all look forward to seeing her out competing in 4 years time.

Neversfelde Suri

Vale Kilburns Cool River

Rochelle Griffin and Kilburns Cool River

We were very sad to hear of the recent death of Rochelle Griffin’s beautiful horse Kilburns Cool River. River was hit by a tree during the tornados that struck in the night of the 23rd of February. River suffered severe injuries to the shoulder and despite extensive veterinary intervention, could not be saved.

Rochelle and River had become regulars at Shoalhaven Dressage Club competitions, and won all three tests they entered in our January competition. Rochelle also won the Local Rider Encouragement award at our 2012 Championships. Rochelle had really enjoyed competing on the lovely River and was devastated by the loss.
We all know how much we love our horses and can only imagine how traumatic this loss must be for Rochelle.