Great results at State for SDC members

Gill Rickard and Grandioso

Gill Rickard and Grandioso

Robyn Targa and Furst Fling

Robyn Targa and Furst Fling

Congratulations to all SDC members who competed at the NSW State Dressage Championships on the weekend 8-10 August 2014.

Alycia Targa won Medium and Advanced Champion

Jim Collin and Southerly placed 3rd in the Inter 1 freestyle, 6th in the Inter1 and 16th in the Prix St George.

Gill Rickard and Grandioso placed 4th in both of the Advanced tests and 18th in the Prix St George.

Victoria Davies won her Para Equestrian Team, Championship and Freestyle tests and also competed in the Open Preliminary on Andaluka Elegido.

Robyn Targa and Furst Fling placed 2nd and 9th in the Preliminary tests.

Anne Behringer and Rosehill Rhythm competed in the Novice and Elementary tests.

Jim Collin and Southerly

Jim Collin and Southerly

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Gill Rickard

Gill Rickard

Gill Rickard

Gill Rickard

Victoria Davies and Andaluka Elegido

Victoria Davies and Andaluka Elegido

Victoria Davies

Victoria Davies

Well done everyone!

August Competition

Tanisha Ryan and Northern Lights

Tanisha Ryan and Northern Lights

Shoalhaven Dressage Club held our August competition on Saturday. Setting up for the competition was made extremely difficult with strong winds keeping the Rural Fire Service too busy to finish erecting the arenas. They kept getting called out to fires, even early on the morning of the competition more fire calls delayed attempts to put up the arenas. Eventually they arrived just in time to have our arenas ready for competition.

Luckily the strong winds settled and whilst it was a cold day the competition could safely proceed.

High score of the day went to Charlotte Phillips and Rosegum Goldrush with 72.5% in the Junior Preliminary 1.2. The only other over 70% score went to Robyn Targa and her lovely young horse Furst Fling who scored 70.192% in the Official Preliminary 1.2. One of the highlights of the day was watching Pam Bice riding Rosthwaite Tinkerbell in the Grand Prix. Pam has just started competing her pony at this level and Tinkerbell must be one of the few ponies in Australia competing in the Grand Prix.

Local rider and trainer Jim Collin riding Dadirri Songline had convincing wins in both of the official Novice tests scoring over 68%in both. Jim also gave a good display of riding on Victoria Davies’ new Spanish stallion Poderoso. Poderoso was competing in his first dressage test and found the experience very exciting; Jim managed to settle him down to win the Prep D with 66%.

Our next competition will be on the 14th of September. Hope to see you there

June 21st Competition

Toni Crossley and Gayle Loose

Toni Crossley and Gayle Loose

Rachel Heron

Rachel Heron

Well we certainly were lucky with the weather on Saturday the 21st of June. After having to cancel our April competition as the ground was too wet, we then had some quite wet weather in the weeks prior to the 21st. I was feeling quite concerned the weekend prior as it rained most of Sunday. However mother nature was finally kind to us and a dry week was followed by glorious weather for the competition. Certainly no sign of the wild winds that have characterised this week.

Highlight of the day was the lunchtime presentation to retired long serving committee members Gayle Loose and Toni Crossley. Gayle has been President for the past 7 years and believe me it is not until you try to fill her shoes that you realise just how much “stuff” she did. Even though Gayle has written extensive instructions, I still email her regularly to find out how to do yet another necessary job that most people would not have realised needed doing, let alone known how to do. Gayle even kindly came to help set up for the comp and her help was invaluable. Toni has been secretary and before that treasurer for many years and again was someone who worked quietly behind the scenes to help keep our club running smoothly. Thanks again girls.

Our thoughts also went out on Saturday to well known club member Sue Rayner who lost her mother after a short illness. Thinking of you Sue.

Competiton was also hot on Saturday, high score of the day went to Danielle Govier and Weltfrieden MM who scored a whopping 75.227% in the Open Competitive 1.1. Highest club member score was Robyn Targa and Furst Fling who scored 73.462% in the Open Competitive 1.2, closely followed by Felicia Mulligan and Nickshar Nomination who won the Closed Restricted 1.2 with 73.077%. Other over 70% scores were awarded to Lisa Swan and Divine Romance in the Prep B pony, Melinda Norton and Galaxy in the Prep C, Katie Umback on Gronskovlunds Marquis and Victoria Davies on Andaluka Elegido both in the Preliminary1.1.

Our next competition is another Saturday comp on the 2nd of August. Hope the weather then is just as good as this comp. Happy Riding!


Canberra Classic

Alycia and CP Dresden Elementary Champions

Alycia and CP Dresden Elementary Champions

Quite a few Shoalhaven Dressage Club members braved the uncertain weather to head south for the Canberra Classic regional dressage championships on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of March. These members not only competed but came away with many of the prizes on offer.

Alycia Targa won both the Elem 3.2 and 3.3 with 71.74% and 70.38% to take out Elementary Champion. They followed this up on the Sunday with 2 wins in the Medium 4.2 and 4.3 with scores of 68.21% and 70.68% to also take out the Medium Championship.

Jane Bruce with CP Dresden's prizes after winning Medium Champion.

Jane Bruce with CP Dresden’s prizes after winning Medium Champion.

Carolyn Heron and NP Puff N Stuff won the Pony Preliminary 1.2 with 70.1% and came second in the 1.3 with 63.7% to take out the Pony Preliminary Champion.

Jeff Adams and Weejazzper came 3rd in the Elem 3.2 with 69.03% and 5th in the 3.3 with 63.75% to be awarded with Reserve Champion Elementary

Gill Rickard and Grandioso

Gill Rickard and Grandioso


Gill Rickard came second in both of her Advanced tests with Grandioso. They scored 67.43% in the 5.2 and 65.72% in the 5.3 and took the Reserve Advance Champion. Gill also fronted on the Sunday to ride Grandioso’s first Prix St George to place 8th with 63.68%.

Pamela Bice riding Rosthwaite Tinkerbell won the Pony Prix St George with 60.2% and the Pony Inter 1 with 60.99% to win Pony Small tour Champion.

Jim Collin and Southerly came 3rd in the Prix St George with 66.32% and 4th in the Inter 1 with 63.82% to win Reserve Small Tour Champion.

Leigh Richardson and Hollands Bend Fidelia competed in the Preliminary 1.2 for 11th place with 67.89% and 8th in the 1.3 with 65.39%.

Leigh Richardson and Hollands Bend Fidelia

Leigh Richardson and Hollands Bend Fidelia

I also took Neversfelde Springbok to Canberra and came 7th in the 3.2 with 65% and 2nd in the 3.3 with 68.31%.

Overall a very successful weekend at a wonderful competition with beautiful arenas that I can thorough recommend you put on your calendar for next year.





February Competition


Robyn Targa and Furst Fling

Robyn Targa and Furst Fling

The weather gods were kind to competitors at Shoalhaven Dressage Club’s Competition on the 16th of February.Overcast conditions and some light rain kept the temperatures down and made riding pleasant for our opening competition of 2014.

The new year saw some new combinations making their test debuts and some well known combinations stepping up a level for the first time. Sandra Steward decided she was not just going to support her talented daughter Jess, but stepped into the ring on her own horse ‘Curly’. They won the Prep A with 55%. In the Open Preliminary tests mother and daughter competitors Robyn and Alycia Targa swapped 1st and 2nd places on their young horses.Robyn won the Prelim 1.2 with the high score of the day on her 18hh youngster Furst Fling on 74.230%, whilst Alycia won the 1.1 with Neversfelde Sachin on 66.931%.

Sue Rayner stepped up to Novice level with Vincent Van Gogh and won both of the closed restricted classes.

Test of the day had to go to Kim McDonald on her gelding Warburton Regatta. They scored 70.142% in the Advanced 5.2. This was a truly beautiful test with Regatta staying in a very correct uphill frame with lots of energy and swing. His trot extensions are truly world class and stayed powerful for the entire length of the diagonal. His canter changes were big and expressive and he showed a real ability to sit in the canter pirouettes. I really look forward to seeing how this combination continue throughout the year. If they continue this form they should be in the placing at the National Championships.

Shoalhaven Dressage Club’s next competition is on the 13th of April 2014


Alycia Targa and Neversfelde Sachin

Alycia Targa and Neversfelde Sachin

Kaleena Mattews and Tibby Barbour on Angie

Kaleen Matthews and Tibby Barbour on Dancing Angelina Ballerina

Carolyn Heron and LV X Factor

Carolyn Heron and LV X Factor

Michelle Miran on Ruby

Michelle Miran and Elengowan Rosie

Competition 1st December 2013


Roger Fitzhardinge and Amerigo

Shoalhaven Dressage Club held their last competition for the year on Sunday the 1st of December. Recent rain ensured the grounds not only looked fantastic, they also were great to ride on. The only negative for the day was that the flies were out in force so everyone had to follow the main rule of summer horse riding; always ride with your mouth shut. Nothing worse than swallowing a fly as you canter along.

High score of the day went to Jim Collin riding Dadirri Songline who won both of the CR Preliminary tests. Jim scored 75.25% in the 1A and 74.0% in the 1B.  Jessica Steward also had a very successful day winning both of the Junior Preliminary tests, 73% in the 1A and 70.4% in the 1B.

Another notable winner on the day was the newly crowned State Novice level Champion Alycia Targa and CP Dresden. They stepped up to Medium level for the first time to win both of their tests with impressive scores of 69% in both the 4A and 4B.

Popular dressage coach and personality Roger Fitzhardinge travelled down from Sydney to win both of the Advanced tests, scoring 67% in the 5A and 68% in the 5B. This was Roger’s first attempt at Advanced level on this horse and he was delighted with Amerigo, a horse he has great hopes for in the future. Roger shall be presenting Shoalhaven Dressage Club’s Masterclass on Saturday the 7th of December. This masterclass will feature leading club riders from each level as they are trained by Roger. This should be a fascinating insight into training dressage horses of all levels. It will be followed by the club’s annual presentations and smorgasbord lunch. E-mail Club President Gayle Loose for details on


Shoalhaven Dressage Club 2013 Championships


Angus Fripp and Reveller



The Shoalhaven Dressage Club held its annual club championships on the weekend of the 28th and 29th of September. The Saturday was for club members only whilst Sunday was an open competition. Saturday’s club members championships certainly rewarded only the bravest riders, with gale force winds doing their best to not only turn our well watered sand arena into a dust bowl, but also to tear down arena surrounds even as riders were trying to compete. Eventually most of the arenas had to be placed flat on the ground, and the beautifully set up marquee was quickly dismantled before it did an impersonation of a kite.

However just to show how tough dressage riders can be, the show continued and despite the windy conditions some great tests were ridden. One impressive rider was Angus Fripp riding Reveller in his first Medium level test. He not only came away with the Medium Champion, but also won the “Presidents Encouragement Award”, a beautiful painting donated by the painter Catherin McMillan.

Junior Champion was Daniella Rehab and Reserve Junior Champion was Sarah Williams. Champion Junior under 13 years was Daniella Rehab and Gabriella Ross was the Champion Junior 13 years and over.

Prep Champion was Jean Egan and Stoneage Armstrong , reserve Lisa Joyce and Whinona.

Prelim Champion was Kaleena Matthews and Bellingara Fletcher, Carolyn Heron and LV X Factor were reserve.

Novice Champion was Cathy Chittenden and Neversfelde Springbok, Jayne Unterweger and Greenwood Wilona were reserve.

Elementary Champion was Jeff Adams and Weejazzper, Tibby Barbour and Dancing Angelina Ballerina were reserve.

Angus Fripp won Medium Champion on Reveller, Tempe Lees won Advanced Champion on Lets Jazzaround and Ros Quist won Small Tour Champion on Valhalla Flemmingh.

Vicki Davies

Victoria Davies

Sunday’s weather was much kinder for the open competition. I arrived early to help reassemble the arenas, however the Moruya fairies had worked their magic early in the morning and every arena was up and ready for the day’s competition. Once again some very impressive tests were ridden. Newly crowned State Novice Champion, local rider Alycia Targa and CP Dresden stepped up to Elementary and took out the championship in fine style. Kim McDonald was in amazing form to win both the Medium Champion on Warburton Regatta and the Advanced Champion on Reveller. Robyn Targa finally had her reliable campaigner Northern Rinaldo back in work to take out Small Tour Champion. Ann Berhinger rode the beautiful Rosehill Rhythm to win Novice champion and local rider Jim Collin took out Preliminary Champion on Dadirri Songline. In the pony competition, Carolyn Heron had a super day riding both the champion Puff N Stuff and reserve X Factor. A new event for the Shoalhaven club was for Para Equestrians, this was won by Victoria Davies on her lovely stallion Andaluka Elegido.

The Supreme Club Champion award for the highest 2 percentages of the weekend went to Sue Rayner and LP Vincent Van Gogh.

Club President Gayle Loose certainly succeeded once again in producing a wonderful, friendly event that really showcased the high level of dressage in the Shoalhaven.


Kaleena Matthews


Sue Rayner


NSW State Championships September 2013


The Shoalhaven Dressage Club was well represented at the recent NSW State Championships held at SIEC.

Sue Rayner and Lotus Park Vincent Van Gogh came 10th in the 1C with 66.7% and 22nd in the 1D with 63.18%. A great result for their first ever State Championships.

  52501Gill Rickard is not a club member but a prominent local vet and rider. She rode Grandioso to place 8th in the 4B with 68.47% and 13th in the 4C with 66.69%


1236670_10151841106925673_656728940_nI rode Solletico to place 6th in the Grand Prix with 61.8% and 5th in the Grand Prix Freestyle with 65.45%




In the pony tests we had quite a few representatives in the Preliminary. Carolyn Heron and Nawarrah Park Puff N Stuff placed 17th in the 1C with 60.23% and 19th in the 1D with 57.73% Jayne Unterweger rode Greenwood Wilona to 10th in the 1C with 63.18% and 5th in the 1D with 66.7%. Elizabeth Sugar rode Evergreen Annabelle to 20th in the 1C with 56.36% and 18th in the 1D with 58.3%


75908_10151889952388767_990015280_nAlycia Targa was the star for the South Coast. She won the 2013 Novice Championship on CP Dresden. They came 3rd in the 2C with 74.38% and 1st in the 2D with 70.71%. Alycia and Dresden also competed in the Elementary, coming 9th in the 3C with 68.25% and 6th in the 3D with 70%. This combination is certainly one to watch for the future.




Jim Collin rode Southerly in both the Advanced and Medium competitions. They placed 10th in the 4B with 68.33%, 8th in the 4C with 68.06%, 11th in the 5B with 64.15% and 9th in the 5C with 64.67%. It was good to see them out competing again after a very disrupted year with ill health for both of them.

Leigh Richardson had some fun and games with Quarryview Hercules showing that sometimes horses will be horses. They came 30th in both the 2C and the 2D.

In the Paraequestrian events Victoria Davis and Andaluka Elegido also had some issues in their first test, scoring 54.95%, however they got their act together over the next 2 days, scoring 65.19% in their second test and 65.67% in the freestyle. Victoria won all of her tests.

Well done to all the Shoalhaven Competitors and good luck at the Club Championships on the 28th and 29th of this month.

May 19th 2013 Competition

Vicki Davies

Victoria Davies riding Andaluka Eligado

Sunday the 19th of May saw a beautifully sunny, if slightly cool, day for Shoalhaven Dressage Club’s May competition. The cool morning may have contributed to the excitement shown by many of the horses, but luckily all riders stayed in place with no “unscheduled dismounts” displayed.

High score of the day was shared by two preliminary riders, both Averill Goodwin on Foxground Katarina in the Associate 1C and Sue Rayner riding Vincent Van Gogh in the Official 1C scored 74.7%.

Para Equestrian rider Victoria Davies riding the beautiful  Andalusion Andaluka Eligado and competing in her first dressage competition showed huge potential in winning the Preliminary 1A Associate test with 72% and placing second in the Prep B with 67.1. Victoria’s success is even more amazing when you consider that she is a disabled rider competing in open competition.

Jeff Adams rode his very well performed Weejazzper to win both Official Elementary tests; Jeff scored 71.2% in the 3A with a very obedient, uphill test. Kim McDonald had a very successful day, winning both of the Official Medium tests with Warburton Regatta and then going on to win not only both of the Official Advanced test but also the Prix St George test with Reveller.

The junior riders also had some intense competition. Angus Fripp won both of the Junior Novice tests with the ever improving Toby. Jess Steward rode the lovely Clydesdale cross HP Willow to win both of the Junior Preliminary tests, whilst sisters Sarah and Lucy Williams fought it out between themselves to take out top spot in the Junior Prepatory tests.

Thanks as usual to club President Gayle Loose for running such an enjoyable competition. Shoalhaven Dressage Club’s next competition is on Sunday the 28th of July.

24th March Competition

Sue Rayner riding Vincent Van Gogh


Shoalhaven Dressage Club Competition 24/3/13

Sunday’s hot conditions also saw some hot competition at Shoalhaven Dressage Club’s March event. Highest score of the day went to Jeff Adams on his promising young horse Jazzpers Brush with a 74.815% in the Official Novice 2A. This horse has only just stepped up to Novice and certainly shows lots of promise for the future.

Jayne Unterweger and her lovely pony Greenwood Willona won both of the Official Pony Novice tests. This combination recently won Preliminary Pony Champions and Novice Pony Reserve Champion at the Canberra Classic Regional Dressage Championships. Jayne really has this pony performing beautifully.

Jim Collins rode the lovely Dadirri Songline to win both of the Official Preliminary tests and Carolyn Heron rode her cute little buckskin pony Puff N Stuff to win both of the Official Novice Pony tests. Carolyn also brought out a new pony, X Factor to win the Prep B and Prep C.

Kaleena Matthews had a very successful first outing on her young horse Belingara Fletcher to win both of the Associate Preliminary tests.

Local trainer Tibby Barbour really has her mare Dancing Angelina Ballerina performing well. They won both of the Official Elementary tests with good scores. Another local rider Kim McDonald won both of the Official Medium tests on her horse Warburton Regatta. Kim did 2 great tests especially considering she only came back from holidays a week ago and her horse could not have had much work.

In the young riders Lucy Williams won both the Prep B and Prep C on a new horse Grove Lonely Knight, Jess Steward won both of the Junior Preliminary tests with her lovely big horse Willow and the very promising young rider Angus Fripp won both of the Junior Novice tests on his ever reliable pony Toby.

For full results see the results page on the blog site.

The next Shoalhaven Dressage Club Competition is on the 19th of May.